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The Little Hours: Bold & hilarious in medieval times



That’s the longest list I’ve ever had for sins!”


Alison Brie (Sleeping With Other People), Aubrey Plaza (Parks And Recreation), Dave Franco (Now You See Me) star in this medieval convent drama. It’s a hearty and comic tale of three young and frustrated nuns who want to break free from the clutches of order and discipline of the convent. It’s based on few chapters from the collection of novellas called The Decameron, by Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio.

Little Hours Trailer (Mature)


Alessandra (Brie) wants to quit and get married, but her father is unable to meet the demand of dowry, forcing her to continue as a sister in the church. The other two nuns Fernanda (Plaza) and Ginerva (Kate Micucci) are mostly involved in mischievous activities ranging from stealing food to engaging in spat with the gardener. The movie explores various religious issues such as practice of rituals & no sexual contact.



Like a caged bird, they follow same routine every day. This tend to limit their senses and restricts their social development. And when a change is introduced, it disrupts their existing routine. Yet, these characters in the film finds enough time to swoop in liquors in their quarters. Ironically, words like homosexuality & foul words are thrown around in their conversation.

Masetto (Franco), rescued from being murdered by the Kings guards, is placed secretly as a deaf & mute at the convent to help the sisters – all thanks to a lenient Father Tommasso (played by the great John C. Reilly). Soon the film evolves into a comedy of errors when sisters learnt about a potion, which when used on a male would make him submit to their sexual demands. Being inert to sexual experiences, the nuns make a mess out of it. Masetto meanwhile is confused with the sexual attitude of nuns and tries to make sense of things happening around him. The penultimate part of the film is a bit off the track where nuns are indulged in some kind of witch related rituals.



In the contemporary world, where viewers contemplate Medieval Ages as a dark period with religion, rules and savagery dominating every other aspect of humanity, The Little Hours comes out as an entertaining piece on these highlighting the harshness of the convent laws and projecting love as the one thing that transcends everything.


Bold and hilarious.


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