Indie basically is short for Independent, in broader terms any non-studio content is Indie content. Their is a whole lot of quality content produced by talented Film makers around the world which does not reach the mainstream due to various reasons-budget, distribution or lack of connect with the right audience. Pickurflick aims to showcase this curated Indie content.
Short films, Feature Films, Documentary and Web Series.
Pickurflick is a Global platform and hence you will find content from across the world. All Non-English content have English subtitles.
We are poles apart actually as we are focusing on alternate content. So you will always find fresh interesting and innovative content over here.

Currently we are offering Free or Pay Per View titles/packages so you may watch the individual titles accordingly.

Pay Per View titles are available for unlimited streaming for a limited period (Pls refer to instructions at the time of payment)

Free titles can be streamed any number of times.

Desktop, Mobile & Tablets using www.pickurflick.com url

All titles available on demand so watch as per your convenience anywhere!

We offer only HD quality videos.
Virtually all the time! As we are interacting with Indie film makers & content providers and aggregating content, the catalogue will be updated faster so that you get to watch new interesting content all the time.
Preferably 15 years & above. Certain mature content would be suitable for 18 years & above only as indicated individually on the titles.

We have a tie up with CC Avenue, Paytm Wallet & Paypal. You can pay via credit/debit card, internet banking & some other options as well.

All payment transactions are secure & encrypted so your account details are completely safe. We do not store any card details.

Usually all the transactions are swift without any hassles but in the event their is a transaction failure, kindly try again or contact your bank for further details.

Make sure you have logged in again with the same id you used to make the payment.

Also if you are logging after the expiry of the rental period then your video/package will no longer be available.

Should you still have any further issues, pls write to us at customercare@pickurflick.com and we shall revert in 24 hours.

Film Maker

Lovely! We would like to hear from you. Pls write to us at info@pickurflick.com and we will take it from there.

Shortly we will be introducing Upload section on the site where you can upload the content directly.

As we provide curated content to our users, all films submitted are reviewed by our eminent content team and then uploaded on the site. In case of any issues, we will contact you.

Short films, Feature Films, Documentary, Web Series.

After logging in as a Film Maker (Pls choose Join as Film Maker while logging in), pls click on Upload on top header to upload your film or you can go to My Account>Upload Content. Kindly ensure that your profile is completed before uploading content. In case of any issues pls write to us at INFO@PICKURFLICK.COM and we will revert within 48 hours.

Well there are a host of benefits in fact:

1. Monetise your content: You make 70% of the revenue generated from your content on Pickurflick and its affiliate channels.

2. Showcase your content to a Global audience: We have a vibrant Indie film fraternity across the Globe and you can showcase your content to a targeted audience. Get ratings & reviews for your film.

3. Social Media Marketing: Your film gets promoted across social media-Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. This will help to get publicity for you & your film.

4. Community: Engage with your users and get real time feedback & insights from them.

This is primarily because your content will get monetised through Pickurflick. When you submit the YouTube/Vimeo links the video plays on those platforms and we do not have any control on how it is monetised.
Yes, we seek non-exclusive worldwide streaming rights only. But we would encourage film makers to be judicious in submitting films across platforms as it affects the monetisation of the content.

Annual Subscription

We have created a host of special benefits for the film makers who subscribe for our annual subscription. This takes care of the important requirements of the film makers such as promotion, festival submission, screening, pitching, networking etc.

1. Entry fee waiver for submission to Pickurflick Indie Film Festival and a chance to enter partner film festivals

2. Social media promotion for one of your films (2-3 Million reach)

3. Access to premium film making content online

4. VIP access to workshops/programs with renowned film makers

5. Special pitching forums

6. Access to special screenings

7. Free 1 year subscription of Pickurflick-watch latest Indie films from around the globe, film premieres etc.

Yes of course! Film upload & Film List will remain free and can be used without subscription as well.
Absolutely not! Your content is yours forever and you have all the rights to put it on any platform. We will still do the promotion for your film on social media.
No, only the entry fee is waived for one submission. Final selection will be decided by the jury.
No, because we need your full commitment as we strive to build a great ecosystem for the Indie film makers plus the subscription is really meant for you to derive maximum benefit and utilize it for showcasing your films.
Events will involve workshops/programs with renowned film makers/professionals, special pitching forums where potential investors/studios will be invited, special premiere screenings and lot of exciting events. Stay tuned!
Starting with Metros and other major cities like Pune, Hyderabad etc. It mainly depends on the demand. If we find good demand from a city, we will go there.
Well starting with once in quarter to even once in a month.

Film List

A film maker/production company can benefit in the following manner through listing:

1.  Get publicity for your film

2.  Increase the number of views for your videos/channel

3.  Get ratings & reviews for your title which further increases the credibility of your work

4.  Create buzz for your upcoming project

5.  Reach your target audience worldwide

And the best part is its absolutely FREE!

That’s perfectly alright, you may provide the link to the trailer or any video related to your title. In case you don’t want to provide any video link at all, you can still create the listing of your title. Make sure you upload the poster of the title.
No, currently we prefer that you provide an open link to your video which can be accessed by everyone.
Absolutely no! users will only watch the video and rate, review & share the video. Your video is absolutely safe whether its hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or Pickurflick.
No problem at all! You can upload your video on Pickurflick (log in as a Film maker) and your title page will be created automatically. So just sit back & relax.
If your video is already on our platform then we will automatically create the title page and you can edit the information anytime. In case you don’t find your film in the list, pls mail us at info@pickurflick.com and we will take care of the rest.
Yes, of course you can. Shout out to tell everyone what you are working on and when is it releasing.
As of now we are not listing showreels.
No, we understand your privacy concerns and we will not share any contact details provided by you at the time of creating your listing, to public.
Yes, as long as your work falls in any of the 5 categories mentioned above, you can list your project.
Yes we will provide the number of page views and clicks to the link.