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A lady was waiting for someone, in a cafe. The drink that was served- which looked, smelled, tasted and was believed to be just water was, well, not water. And then, things started happening, and this was where things started getting unusual. She started dwelling in a space which becomes a parallel reality for her. Her unexpressed feelings, unidentified void, unspoken emotions started getting a different meaning. She found her meaning of life. She found her home through that journey. <br/> Story : Sinjini Sengupta<br/>DOP : Ravi Kiran Ayyagari</br>Editor : Sreya Chatterjee<br/>Sound : Suchisuvro Sen<br/>Background Music : Nilanjan Sen</br>Lead Vocal : Sharmi Chakraborty<br/>Chorus : Sayari Bose, Shankar Halder, Aritra Dutta<br/>Arranger : Shantanu Biswas<br/>Assistant Director : Arunava Gangopadhyay, Anamik Saha<br/><br/> The novel "ELIXIR" is available at <a href = "https://www.amazon.in/dp/9385854542" style="color: red; text-decoration : underline">Amazon</a>

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Nice one! Makes you ponder!

The mind conjures up something that it wants to believe in, beyond the dreams. Sometimes a small part is played by a glass of water (or was it really water?) and then things take up a gradual but different turn for this woman. Is it real? Is it imagination? Is she single or is she divided into two realms? All these divisions and singularity form part of the beautifully woven story by Sinjini Sengupta. Directed by Anirban, the trailer itself lends to curiosity and questions. Having done my Masters in Psychology, this is something of a must read book or must watch film according to me!


This is yet again proved our beloved Bengali's are undoubtedly on top when it comes to art's. Firstly should appreciate the concepts of parallel worlds, there are few flicks of this kind in Indian cinema's , however this may be unique in short film genre Women expects few affectionate words, caring partner, she is always feels partner is her only world, who leaves parents and takes the role of wife, maid,mother, care taker, advisor and never expects wealth, property , just well being and affection from husband and his family (every man for that matter). In this regard, she was having a tough time to get the expected affection , Elixir makes a trick in her life by bringing the memories of café into her dreamworld through a stranger and she makes herself to live in the lucid to bring back the love and care through that stranger back to her life. Questions that arise to audience 1. Is she cheating her husband ? 2. Is those dream world can be real ? 3. Does those fantasy solve her needs? 4. Should we blame the Elixir (water) ? My analogy: No she is a responsible and honest wife to her husband, those are not a dream but every person specially women ought to be treated with utmost love which she lacked but found in her own way. Elixir is one of the medium that opened the door towards her dream fulfilment. Yet again she is a loyal wife ends with a note of "Its our (men) responsibility to understand and fulfil women need" which is beyond sex and money. Cheers for sinjini and anirban (ISI alumnus) for your master piece, you people already proved in global arena, special mention to cast and crew, I regret myself that I didn't had this work looked at 2016. Better late than never, special thanks to my friend who suggested this to me.


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