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“The Subway” is a suspense thriller film with a social message. The story is about a girl working in an IT industry, normally she gets back to home after the work at late night by company cab. But one day she gets a information that company cab got repaired. So she decides to go by an auto. On the way she informs her mother that she is coming in auto. In sometime the auto also gets repaired. The auto driver informs her that there is an auto stand across the nearby subway and he diverts her to go through the subway to get an auto. After going into the subway, she comes to know that she got trapped in the subway for a robbery. Inside the subway she sees two men with mask covering their faces. She gets hit by one of them and becomes unconscious. In the mean time thieves steal all the belongings of the girl and escapes by a bike. They meet the auto driver on the way and take their route to home. On the way the thieves kill a police constable who tries to stop them. The girl inside the subway will be saved by a policeman. The next day morning thieves will be arrested by the police inspector of that area. And how the police got the thieves is the twist in the story.


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