• Prantik The Cornered

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I conceived the idea to do my work about the most cornered human’s of our society (At least in India) known as “Hijra” – Unaque or better known to the developed country as Transgender. Here in our society they pay a visit to the houses where there is a new born; as it is believed that their blessings are the purest. And also in Indian mythology they have been appeared and used by others time to time. Even lord Arjuna camouflaged himself as a transgender during the end years of his exile and he was then known as ‘BRIHANNALA’. But society has always rejected them from the mainstream life and hence they were cornered over years after years. My film depicts the same how a child been sent to exile being born under 3rd gender and later on when she/he grows up and destined to meet the family again, camouflaged own-self as ‘BRIHANNALA’, but still the emotion towards her Mother remains intact.

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Powerful ! Emotional. Change from black n white to color & use of only one word- twice, reflects the difference in timeline. The initial long take was difficult to comprehend but in the end one soon figures out what was actually going on inside their head.


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