• The Bitter Truth

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About the plight of Dal lake of Kashmir which is affected due to pollution & encroachment

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Viewers' Choice Award
Pickurflick Indie Film Festival 2017
APJ International Film Festival
Best Documentary Award
Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival - India
Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival (KVIFF)
4th Woodpecker International Film Festival WIFF-2016 New Delhi India
Young Green Filmmaker 2016
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Er. Abdul Rashid Bhat

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Wonderful film on burning issue of Dal Lake conservation..... Kudos to the filmmaker...


Great flim by Mr. En Abdul Rashid Bhat. I appreciate this flim bitter truth about dal lake. this flim realy helps us to save dal lake for our future generation. Allaha helps him to produce more such flims. thanks sir.


An awesome documentary. A must watch


The picture has very briefly touched some aspects of the people concerned with Dal lake. Producer has made good observation of lacluster attitude of caretaking authority of Dal Lake i.e.Lakes and waterways development authority popularly known as LAWDA. Honestly shown the apathy of the people shifted to Rakh Arth which being the wetland - proposed colony made for Dal Dwellers. It would have been more better if the picture had been of 90 minutes duration or a series of episodes because Dal Lake has a lot more interesting facts to describe about people and the authorities who do not leave any chance to vandalize the Lake.


Excellent Documentary on Dal...must watch and an eye opener for the administration to preserve the Dal...


eyeopening and very well captured


I give 5 stars to this movie as really this is bitter truth as I am witness to this because my office is adjacent to dal lake good movie keep it up


Fantastic documentary on Dal lake.Much needed one in direction of conservation of this lake.congrats Er Rashid.







I Appreciate the efforts of film makers for highlighting the grave issues related to sinking dal lake it's unfortunate that it has turned to a dumping garbage n both public and government bodies r responsible for it... Still much can be done to save the left part though it's too late but things can be turned better.


The bitter truth... Shows the actual face of Dal lake. Dal lake losing its life between the battle of Dal dewelers and authorities. This documentary is an eye opener for authorities and locals towards the conservation of Dal lake environs. In this film it is clearly depicted that how rapidly Dal lake ecosystem converts into land masses which drastically destroying it's fragile biodiversity. It is time to save Dal before it becomes dull.


A very good documentary to raise due and cry of dying dull. The producer and his team made a notable effort to spread the voice of dying dull to everyone.


I beleive not only DAL is loosing battle but our whole water system even underground water is loosing battle, the main thing is that if our water resources starts loosing battle that will be the worst end infact the dead end. So i appreciate ur steps forward.


Outstanding work of a budding statesman...beat of luck Rashid sahab


People r responsible for Dals Death only we can save it by controlling it's pollution n encroachment.


Very well created and developed. Very well efforts made.


Gives best insight of local pollution flowing to Dal lake viz-a-viz its historical importance in culture and local traditions of the valley. It also highlights the urban hazardous threat hoovering over the glory of this precious water body.

imtiyaz ahmad

splinded documentary on dal (the bitter truth)...the film reveals that how department of lakes and water ways (lawwda) is dilapidating the the lake....actully the lawwda department has no concern with the lake ...the department has only concern with the funds which world banks sends the department for the consevation of lake but meager amount is being spent on the lake and rest of the money is going to accounts of senior officials of lawda department ...moreover the rakh arth colony which is not feasible for construction as per the geotechnical report ...the soil test (standard penetration test) has been done by the department of soil engineering (a branch of civil engg.) of national institute of technology srinagar which shows that the soil is not fit for construction.....and the people of dal lake are forcibly shifted from the lake to that vary colony (rakh arth)....another one thing i want to share that rakh arth colony is only for dal dewellers as sarmand hafeez has said in documentry but lawwda department has shifted the dewellers of barbar shah ( chounth kouel or apple kouel) to the rakh arth colony as i already said that vary colony is only for the dal dewellers....at the end it is a fantastic film directed by er abdul rasheed...


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