• Finding My Lebanon

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This is the story of a “modern nomad”, the kind of man who was raised without any knowledge of his roots, his past, his heritage. Before his father died, the nomad interviewed him on their family history and for the first time his past was revealed to him through stories, pictures and never met before family members. The film captures the lives of three men: the grandfather who left, the father who died and the son who returned to discovery his ‘home’…and the Lebanon he found.

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Awards & Festivals

Pickurflick Indie Film Festival Monthly-November
1st Runner Up (Documentary) 2017
Cannes Film Festival 2016
CMG Screening 2016
Beirut International Film Festival (BIFF)
ShortDocs Finalist 2016
Lebanese Film Festival (Australia)
Finalist 2016
MacoProject Short Film Festival
2nd Place 2017
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Mark Abouzeid

Reviews (6)

touching and exceptional! thank you for reminding us how important our (family) history is and that it is part of it even when we don't know it. beautiful interviews, interesting people, surprising and unusual. love it! and really beautiful to see a mans personal side, caring about this world as much as his children.


Thoroughly enjoyed Mark's story of exploring his roots. In this day and age of Ancestry explorations and DNA, it is so important that we find out where we came from rather than how we were raised, and what we have in common rather than how we are different.


Beautiful film!!


Enjoyed learning about and feeling the energy of Lebanon. Well done!


Interesting and touching documentary. Follow Mark Abouzeid family tale and you will either discover or learn more about Lebanon, its people, the diaspora. And if you too, you are a nomad or someone that belongs to many places, many worlds, many stories, you'll feel with the excitement of the discovery, a very good feeling of peacefulness.

Loretta M.

Two thumbs up.


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