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Terms & Conditions

1. Categories

Short Films- Upto 30 mins

Feature Films-60 minutes & beyond

Documentary-Upto Any Duration

Web Series-Scripted/Unscripted (Pilot accepted)

Animation - Any duration

2. Entry Fee

Flat $10/ INR 650 per entry.

3. Only HD format-720/1080

4. Production year of the film should be within 2014-2016 only (both years inclusive)

5. All Non-English films should have English subtitles

6. All selected films will be screened during the physical screenings at Delhi.

7. The films for which the film makers/production company provide permission for online streaming will be considered for online screenings at Pickurflick and its partner platforms. The film maker/production company opting for online screenings should have the worldwide streaming rights for their films.

8. Film makers who don’t want to submit their films for online viewing, can submit their trailer which will be showcased on Pickurflick and its partner platforms. If they wish to submit their full films for online streaming at a later date then they can do that free of cost.

9. The films can be submitted directly at Pickurflick via Filmfreeway, ClickForFestivals

10. For Viewer’s Choice Awards, only the films opting for online screenings will be eligible for the awards and the results shall be announced after the conclusion of the online screenings.

11. All entry fees are non-refundable under all circumstances.

12. The video clippings, images, stills, posters etc of submitted films may be used in the promotional videos/mailers/communication/ads of Pickurflick Indie Film Festival.